Yes We Mystic "Working for the Future in the Interlake" (lyric video)

Yes We Mystic 'Working for the Future in the Interlake' (lyric video)
Winnipeg indie outfit Yes We Mystic dropped their debut LP Forgiver last year, and now "Working for the Future in the Interlake" from that record has been given the lyric video treatment.
The accompanying clip was directed by Jonah Haber, and he drew his inspiration for the video from a beloved childhood toy.
"When I was a kid, my parents bought me a toy which consisted of a small piece of photo-luminescent fabric that you would flash a small strobe at and create shadow art," he explains. "I'd completely forgotten about it until recently when I was visiting my old home and saw glow-in-the-dark stickers on my old bedroom ceiling."
That memory sparked the idea to create the toy's effects on a much larger scale, and then movement and dance was incorporated into the creative vision with the help of co-writer Maria Bykina and choreographer Niamh Wilson.
"We wanted the video to be a visual diary of sorts — rather than showing Niamh express her thoughts and feelings using words on paper, she does it with movement through dance," Haber adds. "The glow wall is the paper of her diary. As the video progresses and Niamh releases her feelings onto this wall, she completes her 'diary entry' and walks away, leaving fading shadows as the only evidence of the intense emotion she felt."
You can follow along on that intense emotional journey by watching the video premiere of "Working for the Future in the Interlake" below.
Yes We Mystic are currently in the midst of a European tour, and you can see the band's remaining dates here.