Winnipeg's St. John's Music Celebrates 100 Years

The music education supplier and music instrument retailer is giving away prizes and having an anniversary sale on October 14
Winnipeg's St. John's Music Celebrates 100 Years
St. John's Music — the music education supplier and music instrument retailer founded in Winnipeg's North End in 1923 — is celebrating 100 years of music by giving away 100 prizes and hosting an anniversary sale on Saturday, October 14. 

"This is a big moment for everyone who is a part of the St. John's Music family and our customers who helped us reach this achievement," St. John's Music General Manager Craig Hynes said in a statement. "It's amazing when you reflect on the past to see where we came from and what we've done to keep us going for many more years to come."

St. John's Music was started by George Douglas Sr. in the St. John's neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally a small family business involved in music mail order, Douglas's grandson George Douglas Jr. took over the business in the mid-1970s and expanded into the world of music education programs across the prairies.

The business eventually expanded into Toronto and Ottawa, though in 2021, changed Ontario operations to service only school music programs.

"It's hard to imagine how difficult it would have been operating a music instrument store during the Great Depression and a World War. St. John's Music has been through a lot. The recent pandemic was really difficult for everyone but we managed to refocus our efforts and we look forward to building things back up," Hynes said in another statement. 

You can learn more about St. John's Music's 100 year anniversary sale (plus their prize giveaways) on its website