Windy & Carl to Deliver 'We Will Always Be'

Windy & Carl to Deliver 'We Will Always Be'
Long-running, ethereal Michigan psych duo Windy & Carl are coming back with another ambient-laced album. The husband-and-wife outfit will drop their next disc, titled We Will Always Be, through Kranky on February 13.

Serving as the follow-up to 2008's Songs for the Broken-Hearted, which we praised for its "naked vulnerability," We Will Always Be features eight lengthy soundscapes spread across two LPS. Whether the new album will pull a 180 from the moody, guitar-based drones that filled their last platter is still to be determined, but that's its reasonably cheery, sunflower-sporting artwork above.

We Will Always Be:

1. "For Rosa"
2. "Remember"
3. "Spires"
4. "The Frost in Winter"
5. "Looking Glass"
6. "Nature of Memory"
7. "The Smell of Old Books"
8. "Fainting in the Presence of the Lord"