Windy & Carl The Dream House/Dedications to Flea

The first album in five years from ambient guitar drone’s most loving couple, Windy and Carl, is a formidable affair that takes their peaceful theories and poetic practices to new extremes of sonic minimalism. The Dream House consists of two beautiful long-form drone-scapes, the first of which, "The Eternal Struggle,” runs an epic 31 minutes and moves along like a seabed gathering and shifting layers of substance as it circulates. Based around a single evolving chord, "The Eternal Struggle” could be the most fully realised Windy and Carl composition to date as it encompasses their past experiments with overtone and ambience and still manages to push their envelope further into shimmering simplicity than ever. The album’s second track, "I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice,” is more traditional Windy and Carl material with recognisable guitar lines shooting like stars overtop soothing organ drones. As a free bonus disc, Windy and Carl have included another two-track full-length, Dedications to Flea, which was released earlier this year as a limited edition LP and recorded in honour of the passing on of their dear canine friend and family member, Flea. This tender and very personal effort vibrates with the sadness of loss and feels like a soul transcending to the heavens. Highly recommended for fans of ambient and peaceful drone. (Kranky)