Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise 4

It’s like, a search man; like, we’re all searching. Not just to go out and have a good time but to really search for meaning. Because dance music can’t just be dance music, it has to be deep and meaningful and real "art.” Well, whatever. When you move past the part of the dance music spectrum where the drugs turn from "nice complement to” to "necessity for the enjoyment of” the music, you’ve officially waved the right to call what you do "meaningful.” And certainly there is none of what some trance monkeys might consider "chaff” — i.e. subtlety — anywhere here. So yes sir, you can just cue it up to any track and hear a big anthem. Is that really what it should be about: bashing you over the head with epic-ness in every track? This takes no chances, like a Celine Dion CD. It’s about as good too. (Black Hole)