The Mountain Goats Return with New Surprise EP

Stream all of 'Hex of Infinite Binding' now
The Mountain Goats Return with New Surprise EP
Out of nowhere, indie-rock heroes the Mountain Goats have let loose a surprise EP. It comes under the title of Hex of Infinite Binding and features four new tracks from John Darnielle and co.

In a statement, here's what Darnielle has to say about his latest release:

WELCOME WAYWARD TRAVELER TO THE HEX VORTEX. I used to release a whole bunch of EPs. I miss the general spiritual realm of the EP and am hereby centering an intention to spend more time thereat. These songs represent, in part, the first salvo of my resolve. "Almost Every Door" and "Song for Ted Sallis" were written at home in North Carolina sometime during the summer and recorded by Brandon Eggleston at Electrical Audio in Chicago during our three-night stand at Old Town School of Folk Music. "Tucson Fog" is a home recording from last December, things can get a little dark in December. "Hospital Reaction Shot" was produced & engineered by Chris Stamey at Modern Recording, Chapel Hill, NC; Chris also wrote the string arrangements and played bass and electric guitar. Percussion on "Almost Every Door" and "Song for Ted Sallis" by Matt Espy from Dead Rider, maximum respect. Only one of these songs is directly about death but the person or persons in all these songs will someday die. The death one, "Hospital Reaction Shot," is drawn from a picture of Mickey Deans holding a press conference to inform the world of the death of Judy Garland, to whom he had been married for three months. Yet the press conference is a sham, because Judy Garland lives, as Ted Sallis lives, as do many others thought missing. They can often be found in the vortex shortly before sundown, plotting their return. We live in hope!

So far, Hex of Infinite Binding is only out digitally, and there is no word yet about any sort of physical release. But you can stream the new EP down below.

The Mountain Goats' last album remains 2017's Goths.