Tennyson "Live in Hollywood" (Scion Sessions video)

Tennyson 'Live in Hollywood' (Scion Sessions video)
Edmonton electro duo Tennyson are the stars of the latest Scion Sessions video, which documents their journey to the stage at the historic Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.
The "Live in Hollywood" clip features behind the scenes footage with the brother-sister act, who open up about the band/school balance, eat waffles backstage, and of course, perform a high energy set of the intricate, experimental electronic music that got them noticed in the first place. In this particular case, it earned them a spot opening for Ryan Hemsworth.
Follow the youngsters around in the black-and-white clip below to get some insight into both the hard work and rewards that come with hitting it big. The pair self-released their first 7-inch single "With You/Lay By" back in January, and it's available here.
Check out the "Live in Hollywood" mini-doc below.