Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart "In Touch" (video)

Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart 'In Touch' (video)
While Jerusalem in My Heart recently released their album If He Dies, If If If If If If, they're now revisiting their eponymous collaboration with Suuns with a video for "In Touch."

The song is a sprawling, near-six-minute track in which Suuns' darkly futuristic style outweighs Jerusalem in My Heart's Arabic inclinations. It's a predominantly instrumental electronic number in which the minimal pulse is overlaid with some sparse, bluesy vocal lines. The accompanying video shows difficult-to-distinguish footage that has been altered with visual noise and features some cryptic phrases at the bottom of the screen.

"In a twist of good fortune, we all found ourselves in Beirut earlier this year. It seemed only natural for Charles-André [oderre] to film his reflections, the bands, and the vibe of this rare set of circumstances," the collaborators said in a statement. "With his discreet reel to reel projectors, we hardly noticed that a music video was in the works. Our memories of that time in Lebanon are a whirlwind of first impressions, late nights, good music, and good people. A barrage of colours and light, not unlike this video."

Watch the clip below.