Quantic Mishaps Happening

It seems that Will Holland’s work with his Soul Orchestra has rubbed off very nicely on his third solo release. At a mere 23 years of age, Holland has pieced together one of his most stunning efforts to date that sounds far too organic and soulful to be considered an electronically-produced recording. Tossing in loads of horns, upright bass, cowbell, organ, banjo and whatever else suits his fancy, Quantic has created a vintage piece that tends to tip its hat to classic funk and Afro-beat, while also managing to maintain his status as one of the great digital pioneers creating music today. There’s a handful of soulful singers lending a hand in creating this funk gem, including Spanky Wilson belting out the high-energy jams and Alice Russell, who is quickly making a name for herself as her absolutely stunning voice gives so much life to "Sound of Everything.” French MC Trinidad flows effortlessly over a hypnotic Afro-beat backing on "En Focus” to give Mishaps Happening a shining hip-hop moment before Quantic tears into a gorgeous electro soundscape with "Trees and Stars.” There are many moments on this record where two sounds blend so perfectly together, resulting in goose bumps, but no single instrument has a greater effect than the rusty-sounding fiddle that Quantic loops on "Prelude to Happening” that will surely send chills down your spine. Will Holland is still just a child in the music world and he’s already accomplished more than his peers will in their entire careers, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This cat just gets better and better. (Ubiquity)