PUP's Stefan Babcock Wrote a Children's Book — for Adults

'Rupert the Reaper' tells the story of a very small, very sad grim reaper and his lonely, chaotic and unchanging existence
PUP's Stefan Babcock Wrote a Children's Book — for Adults
PUP frontman Stefan Babcock has graduated from comic artist to storybook author with the announcement of a new "kids story written for grown ups."

Babcock has penned Rupert Reaper, a "nihilistic story for children" that follows a cute lil' scythe-toting death dealer in search of friendship.

"All he wants is a friend, but every time he touches someone they die and that makes him feel bad," an abstract for Babcock's book reads. "Rupert drags himself through his lonely, chaotic and unchanging existence, unable to live and unable to die until one day, he meets a little ghost dog."

As Babcock writes in a disclaimer, "This is a kids story written for grown ups. It deals with death, depression and suicide. I've approached those topics with both humour and sensitivity, but there is a lot of dark subject matter. I think it's appropriate for both kids and adults, but I'm not a father."

The 32-page storybook was made with zero carbon footprint, thanks to 100 percent eco-friendly waterless printing. What's more, $1 from every sale will be donated to Youth Mental Health Canada.

Babcock also announced plans for the livestream show "Lead Singer Ego Trip," set to go down Sunday (November 1) at 2 p.m. ET, through which he'll raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Rupert Reaper is available to pre-order through PUP's Little Dipper Art. Babcock and his PUP bandmates recently released new EP This Place Sucks Ass.