Piero Piccioni's Long-Lost 'Volubile' Unearthed for First-Ever Vinyl Release

Piero Piccioni's Long-Lost 'Volubile' Unearthed for First-Ever Vinyl Release
Once again, Italian soundtrack hero Piero Piccioni is being rightly honoured with a new posthumous release, as his long-lost 1961 Volubile has been uncovered and restored for a new vinyl reissue.

Today, Camille 3000 — the UK-based label run by the maestro's son, Jason Piccioni — announced that it's uncovered the lost master tapes, which the late composer luckily safely hid away. Making for the first-ever physical release, Volubile is now set to arrive via the label on February 15.

Volubile came for the Italian TV show of the same name back in '61, with Jason Piccioni now selecting and editing a selection of 15 tracks from the original master tapes.

As Camille 3000 explains, Volubile was a musical TV show aired on the Italian national public broadcasting network, RAI, in 1961. It featured music written entirely by Piero Piccioni, who also had a full orchestra at his disposal. The album also finds Piccioni working alongside Bruno Martino, as well as the maestro's most beloved vocalist, Lydia MacDonald.

In a statement, Gloria Paul — Piccioni's widow and a lead dancer in Volubile — stated: "Piero Piccioni composed, arranged and conducted very refined jazz themes for the occasion, with a prevailing romantic aesthetic, interpreting the most relevant musical trends of the time through his recognizable harmonic and melodic codes. From the exotic vein to the intimate torch song, passing through all-new American orchestral experiences."
In 2010, a selection of tracks from Volubile were released digitally, and while the tracklist differs from the upcoming vinyl release, you can get an idea of what to expect below.

Volubile is now available to pre-order over at Camille 3000.