PC Music's Danny L Harle Teams Up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek on New Single

PC Music's Danny L Harle Teams Up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek on New Single
Electronic pop collective PC Music continue their plot for world domination with a brand new single from Danny L Harle.

The producer has linked up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek to deliver a brand new single called "Ashes of Love."

Speaking of the collaboration, Harle offered up the following statement:

Caroline has a completely unique melodic style. It sounds like a kind of perfect, organic, distorted symmetry. I was so excited to work with her as I love her music, particularly Chairlift's "I Belong in Your Arms," which I think is one of the best pop tunes I have ever heard in my life. I love how her melodies are so closely related to her singing voice. This is different to me as I see my melodies as an object which I gradually craft in front of me. Caroline's style of writing worked really well with mine as we are both so detail obsessed. I feel that the combination of our styles has produced a track like no other. I am so excited about "Ashes of Love," it has a forward thrust and a sense of hyper-emotion to it that I really love in music. It has a nostalgic and romantic heart but is positioned very much in the present day.

Polachek added a statement, too:

Danny got in touch after hearing the Japanese version of "I Belong In Your Arms." After hearing his song "In My Dreams," with all its amazing key shifts, I thought "oh my God, this will be amazing, I have to work with him!". I love the whole crazy puzzle-box of his musical world, and this was one of the most fun collaborations I've ever been part of. We listened to Miami freestyle music while making the song, we wanted that fiery angst. In 2001-2002 I hung out with crew of boys who tuned cars for street racing, and we listened to happy hardcore and trance. I got to sort of relive those memories while writing "Ashes of Love."

Listen to "Ashes of Love" below [via Pitchfork]. The song will be released tomorrow (May 6) through PC Music and Sony Music.