Obsessed Incarnate

Few metal bands had more influence and less commercial success than the Obsessed. Led by current Spirit Caravan guru Scott “Wino” Weinrich, the Obsessed were like the American equivalent of the first four Black Sabbath records — absolutely essential. While they only had three proper albums released during their existence, the nice folks over at Southern Lord (run incidentally enough by Goatsnake guitarist Greg Anderson, whose rhythm section were both members of the Obsessed), have painstakingly compiled this amazing collection of outtakes and compilation tracks, chronicling the ten-plus year career of America’s finest doom band ever. Thirteen tracks in all, which compiles material from their debut single in 1983 to their final 1994 recording session (recorded shortly before they disbanded), Incarnate is a wet dream come true for longtime Obsessed fans and not a bad place for curious onlookers to discover one of America’s finest heavy rock bands ever. (Southern Lord)