Maylee Todd "Afanyala" (video)

Maylee Todd 'Afanyala' (video)
Maylee Todd released Acts of Love last year, and now album cut "Afanyala" has been given the visual treatment.
"'Afanyala' is about honouring your unique sensibilities," Todd tells Exclaim! "Ultimately there's no one person like another and everyone's unique nature and lived experience gives a wealth of knowledge that can bring different perspectives and creative expressions to humanity."
She incorporated the creative experience of others in the new video, collaborating with projection artist Lightsweetcrude and wearable artmaker Xue Liang.
The video was co-directed by Todd and Fred Yurichuk, and you can take it all in below.
You can also catch Todd performing live later this spring at Lawnya Vawnya in St. John's on May 26.