Maxim Reviews the New Black Crowes Album Without Hearing It

<i>Maxim</i> Reviews the New Black Crowes Album Without Hearing It
Music fans picking up the latest issue of Maxim deserve to be a little pissed, after news that the men’s magazine published a negative review of the new Black Crowes record without listening to it entirely.

The Crowes’ first album in seven years, Warpaint, received a meagre ranking from the Maxim writer, who could only have heard their first single "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” because advanced copies haven’t been made available.

The editor of Maxim, James Kaminsky, issued a public apology to the magazine’s readers after learning of the mishap in the March issue, which is now on newsstands.

"It is Maxim's editorial policy to assign star ratings only to those albums that have been heard in their entirety," Kaminsky responded. "Unfortunately, that policy was not followed in the March 2008 issue of our magazine and we apologize to our readers."

No word yet on when the men’s rag will apologise to the band for the negative publicity. But don’t hold your breath. Warpaint is due to be released in its entirety on March 4.