Margaret Glaspy Interstellar Rodeo, Edmonton AB, July 21

Margaret Glaspy Interstellar Rodeo, Edmonton AB, July 21
Photo: Levi Manchak
Sometimes guitar, bass and drums, along with a striking voice, can capture a crowd as well as a circus; there's an elegant simplicity to a pared-down setup. Margaret Glaspy enchanted early evening attendees with a set of earnest songs that gave everyone an uncomplicated respite.
Glaspy drew from her Born Yesterday EP as well as her relatively recent debut album, Emotions and Math, in a performance that was a mix of subtle differences. Pensive yet warm, a laidback yet ebullient presence formed the allure of a set that never lacked charm.
Her appeal lay in her personal charisma and straightforward approach. Finding the proper dosage of energy and emotion with which to inject a performance is a delicate balance and her proportions of either served her well.
It'll be interesting to follow Glaspy as her sound evolves and as she navigates her musical horizons. For the evening, though, there was no need to apologize, no need to explain her downplayed, yet graceful, three-piece arrangements. Just enough was all that was needed.

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