Mac McCaughan "Your Hologram" (lyric video)

Mac McCaughan 'Your Hologram' (lyric video)
"Do you claim to drag your net through deep waters," Mac McCaughan questions in the opening line to Non-Believers number "Your Hologram." A new video takes the lyrics at face value, presenting a watery scene, as screened on TV.

As you'll see below, Toronto artist Emmie Tsumura's video is a hand-drawn extravaganza meshing fluid scenes and calligraphy with the synth-warmed tones of McCaughan's contemplative original.

"My work is influenced by Chinese and Japanese ink wash painting, ukiyo-e art, and calligraphy, and of course the magical worlds of Hayao Miyazaki," Tsumura explained in a statement.

She added: "What stuck with me about this song was the idea of trying to access something locked away in a different time, and the heart that continues to dream in the present tense. I played with the distance between three planes of time and reality, starting with a Sharpie, and finishing nearly 1800 frames in total with digital hand-sketching to create a 'down in the basement' studio vibe."

You'll find the sudsy scene down below.