Lynn Miles Love Sweet Love

The Ottawa-based Miles has gained more fans, and international respect with each release and this fifth album is sure to continue that trend. Although she has attained a glossy folk-rock sound (emphasis on folk) courtesy of producer Ian LeFeuvre, of Starling fame, Miles rarely takes the easy route with her lyrics, some of which were inspired by a friend’s incarceration in a Spanish prison and 9/11. Generally though, her outlook is hopeful, as evidenced in the title track, and "Trying Not to Be So Sad.” But there’s a darkness always lurking not far away, as in the bittersweet "Flames of Love” and "1000 Lovers.” While it’s obvious that Miles has the experience and writing chops to put her in the upper bracket of Canadian singer/songwriters, Love Sweet Love’s slickness does not always present those talents in the best light, at least for those who appreciate a little grit when hearing someone sing about their broken heart. Still, if more artists like Miles can make it onto the radio, we’ll be a lot better off. (True North)