Jim O'Rourke Announces Avant-Jazz LP with Akira Sakata, Chikamorachi, Merzbow

Jim O'Rourke Announces Avant-Jazz LP with Akira Sakata, Chikamorachi, Merzbow
It has been a year of plenty for U.S.-born/Japan-based musical adventurer Jim O'Rourke, who has already released the solo LP Simple Songs, plus the PBK team-up Unidentified Again. Now, he has yet another album on the way, this time a collaboration with Akira Sakata, Chikamorachi and Merzbow.

The record is called Flying Basket. It is made up of four numerically titled tracks, which each clock in at more than 15 minutes in length. It will arrive on September 18 through Family Vineyard.

An announcement describes Flying Basket like this: "There's minimalist motifs, hooks and repeating horn/bass/six-string phrases but Flying Basket remains a massive free flowing, hallucinatory zone of propulsion. Sakata howls on horn and throat; O'Rourke bleeds the guitar of melody, leaving only pulsating electricity. The drum/bass truly swing and nail it down like Ali/Garrison. Merzbow's analogue sound mass cuts textured furrows headlong into these four, leaving behind harmonic shifts and caterwauling in the wake. No clichés. They kick out the jams."

For those unfamiliar with the musicians involved here, Akira Sakata is a free jazz sax player, and Merzbow is the stage name of veteran noise musician Masami Akita. Chikamorachi, meanwhile, is a band consisting of upright bassist Darin Gray and drummer Chris Corsano. These same collaborators (minus Merzbow) previously worked together on the album and that's the Story of Jazz…, which came out in 2011. On this latest album, the ensemble is billed as "Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke with Chikamorachi & Merzbow."

Flying Basket is available to pre-order here on CD, double vinyl or digital download. At the same page, curious parties can hear a nine-minute extract of "Flying Basket, Part 3." A short, exceptionally freaky trailer can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Flying Basket:

1. Flying Basket, Part 1
2. Flying Basket, Part 2
3. Flying Basket, Part 3
4. Flying Basket, Part 4