Jim O'Rourke and Kassel Jaeger Join Forces for New Album

Jim O'Rourke and Kassel Jaeger Join Forces for New Album
Following an album with Christian Fennesz last year, avant-garde music hero Jim O'Rourke is once again getting into the collaborative spirit for experimental powerhouse Editions Mego. This time, though, O'Rourke will be teaming up with Kassel Jaeger, the moniker of French electronic visionary François Bonnet.

The pair's collaborative album is called Wakes on Cerulean, which will arrive via Editions Mego on March 10.

In a statement, the label had this to say about the upcoming record

Wakes on Cerulean is a joint adventure where process folds upon process and the operation of procedure remains unknown. Amongst a mysterious cloud of excited high frequencies tiny whistling howls. Frog leaps in technique lay out a thrilling and uplifting journey that runs from the soothing to ecstatic and back to the buoyant again.

It also adds that the album is "a staggering feast of the joys found in electronic process. A malleable bubble of hovering excitement, melody and joyous refrain."

This will all be contained on two sprawling tracks, which will be pressed at 45 rpm on a single 12-inch. Along with the vinyl version, the record will be available digitally. 

For a taste of the album, you can listen to a very promising except below. You can also pre-order it here.