Jaden Smith Is Releasing His New Album on Instagram

'SYRE: The Electric Album' is apparently out this weekend
Jaden Smith Is Releasing His New Album on Instagram
Jaden Smith is back teasing the arrival of his new album, and it appears it could soon mark a first for the music industry, as he's set to release it via Instagram. Yes, not via Spotify. Not through Apple Music. And not even with Tidal. But through your Instagram feed.

Smith made the announcement about the seemingly innovative release plans via Twitter yesterday (July 5), telling his followers his new album SYRE: The Electric Album will arrive on Instagram this weekend on July 8.

UPDATE (7/8, 10 p.m. EDT): As promised, you can now stream the entire album over here via Smith's Instagram. At this point, it's unclear how the Instagram album rollout will work, but we're guessing it will make use of the platform's newly revamped video rules.

As for the actual album, it will presumably feature Smith's recent "GHOST" single and will mark his first full-length since his 2017 debut effort SYRE.