Incubus Make Yourself

Incubus is simply an awesome band. They have the distorted guitars, but they also have finger wagging melodies, an actual singer and dance floor elements. It’s similar stuff that plagued Faith No More about ten years ago, and Incubus has a noticeable FNM influence, especially Brandon Boyd's voice, which eerily recalls a youthful Mike Patton. The band adds quite a bit to the traditional guitar/bass/drums line-up, including a full-time scratch master, keys, a didgeridoo and some African drum. Incubus are occasionally surprisingly laid back, courtesy of the warm drum 'n' bass influenced bass lines. This is what I believe makes Incubus the rallying point for music fans the world over. They have a subtle heaviness, an overt tunefulness and brush with the experimental now and again and this makes them both a pleasure and a challenge to listen to. (Immortal)