Halifax's Kestrels Get J Mascis for New Album Single

Listen to "Grey and Blue" from 'Dream or Don't Dream' now
Halifax's Kestrels Get J Mascis for New Album Single
It's only been a month since Dinosaur Jr. announced that they've completed their next record, but you don't have to wait any longer to hear J Mascis rip gnarly solos. The guitarist appears on a fresh track from Halifax rockers Kestrels, "Grey and Blue," which serves as the lead single from their newly announced album, Dream or Don't Dream, out July 10 on Darla Records.

On how they got Mascis to appear on the track, Kestrels vocalist Chad Peck said in a statement, "We opened for Dinosaur Jr. at this wild secret show in Amherst, MA. I met Luisa, J's wife, and his longtime engineer Justin Pizzoferrato there. Luisa invited us over to their place and J gave us a tour of his studio and just kept handing me different guitars to try out ('This was what I used when I recorded 'Out There.') It was surreal.

"When we were tracking this song, Justin mentioned that it would be a good song for J to play on and he set it up for me. Thanks Justin! Thanks J! He did seven takes and they are all incredible. Maybe I'll release the other six takes someday."

Kestrels' laid-back, '90s-influenced sound makes a perfect fit for Mascis's iconic style, and the band have taken it one step further with its throwback, VCR-tracked video for the song, featuring a ton of adorable dogs. 

Watch the "Grey and Blue" video below, and keep scrolling for more information on Dream or Don't Dream.

Dream or Don't Dream:

1. Vanishing Point
2. Grey and Blue (ft. J Mascis)
3. It's a Secret
4. Don't Dream
5. A Way Out
6. Everything is New
7. Dalloway
8. Keep It Close
9. Feels Like the End
10. Say Less

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