God Alone God Alone.

God Alone God Alone.
Plenty of post-metal bands have been diving into elements of prog metal, black metal and more over the past several years, but few manage to cram everything into one sound in a neatly packaged way. Irish newcomers God Alone pull it off though, as their self-titled EP melds so many different sounds together without seeming like they're forcing it.
It's a bit strange for the band to consider a 32-minute release an EP, but with just four songs, each track on the release stands out on its own. Opener "Feeling on Tic" conjures droning walls of sound between tight, punchy prog riffs, eventually leading into a blast of black metal. There's a lot going on in seven minutes, but somehow it all seamlessly works together.
On "Ke Ta," the band bring some technicality into play through a clean math rock riff that shifts into metal shredding at the drop of a dime. Their Deafheaven influence is very apparent on this track in the soft ambient moments, and black metal-styled blast beats heavily utilized in the first half. Elsewhere, the band even pull off some '70s prog rock moments, with jangly synths and upbeat riffing.
Overall, God Alone. is an incredible display of musicianship for a band as young as this. With members less than 20 years old, they exude a level of confidence in their capabilities that you would expect from a band much farther into their career. The band's ability to fit so much into their sound while keeping it from taking an overly serious approach will pay off in spades as they continue to grow as a unit. (Independent)