The Ex Bringing Catch My Shoe to North America

The Ex Bringing <i>Catch My Shoe</i> to North America
Amsterdam-based group the Ex have spent the last 31 years honing and expanding on their highly political, increasingly experimental brand of punk rock. The group, helmed by guitarist Terrie Hessels, have made an impressive mark on the music industry, with 11 albums and a total of 122 releases as a band. Rather than do something as lame as retiring, they've announced that they'll drop a new album in 2011.

The record is called Catch My Shoe and is the first-ever record from the group not to feature original vocalist G. W. Sok, who amicably split in 2009. The album was recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago and sees the Ex expanding their sonic eclecticism even further. According to a press release, the album includes "high-energy, Ethiopian Gurage," "hypnotic, full-on dance tunes" and "Konono-style catchy guitar riffs."

Catch My Shoe has already been released in Europe (September 6 via the band). A proper North American release on CD and vinyl will be available on January 25 via Carrot Top Records. Live footage of album track "Bicycle Illusion" is available below.

Catch My Shoe:

1. "Maybe I Was The Pilot"

2. "Double Order"

3. "Cold Weather Is Back"

4. "Bicycle Illusion"

5. "Eoleyo"

6. "Tree Float"

7. "Keep on Walking"

8. "Life Whining"

9. "24 Problems"