Emmure The Respect Issue

With just over a year since their debut, Emmure have unleashed their sophomore album and The Respect Issue depicts a breakdown-heavy, hardcore seasoned, metalcore collection of songs. This Connecticut quintet rely a little too much on their hardcore foundation throughout this album, as breakdowns are held near and dear to their hearts, appearing on every track, although they do vary in speed and at times, suck the life out of an aggressively enjoyable piece of work. Emmure seldom play with their metal half but when they do the riffage, muted string work and support from guitar and keyboard squeals breath life into the music and show much promise. It’s a guarantee lead singer Frank Palmeri is venting over trying times with his former love, brutalising his past relationship with morbid situations and thoughts. From album to album, Emmure are maturing but it’s possible that The Respect Issue didn’t get the time and space it really needed. (Victory)