Eiko Ishibashi Joins Forces with Jim O'Rourke for New Album

Listen to "Iron Veil" from 'The Dream My Bones Dream'
Eiko Ishibashi Joins Forces with Jim O'Rourke for New Album
Japanese future-pop innovator Eiko Ishibashi has announced that she's once again teamed up with Jim O'Rourke for a new full-length. Titled The Dream My Bones Dream, Ishibashi's new solo album will arrive in North America via Drag City on November 16.

The Dream My Bones Dream marks her sixth solo album overall and the proper follow-up to 2014's Car and Freezer. Once again, Ishibashi backing player and avant-garde legend O'Rourke mixed the album, as well as plays throughout.

According to a press release, "The Dream My Bones Dream is a record of exquisite musicality and deep emotions, a travelogue pointed towards a time hopefully better than the future we see coming down the line!"

Drag City further elaborates about the album with the following:

Amongst all this abject jet-setting and debauched gadding about, the music of The Dream My Bones Dream started to gather. Following the death of Eiko's father, she discovered photos from a time she knew nothing about: his childhood. Having never discussed this part of his life, he came of age during an infamous setting of recent Japanese history, the occupation of China's Manchurian region in the 1940s. In the light of this, questions about Eiko's lost family history took on a larger resonance. The Dream My Bones Dream imagines a past she never knew, those who raised her father and the environment in which is grew up in.

For a taste of the new album, you can now stream the track "Iron Veil" down below.

The Dream My Bones Dream received a domestic Japanese release on CD this summer in Japan, though Drag City will also be pressing the new album on vinyl, as well as on CD and digitally.

The Dream My Bones Dream follows more recent collaborative albums by Ishibashi with Merzbow (2016's Kouen Kyoudai 公園兄弟) and Darin Gray (2018's Ichida).

The Dream My Bones Dream:

1. Prologue: Hands on the Mouth
2. Agloe
3. Iron Veil
4. Silent Scrapbook
5. A Ghost In a Train, Thinking
6. The Dream My Bones Dream
7. Tunnels to Nowhere
8. To the East
9. Epilogue: Innisfree

Tour dates:

09/21 Tokyo, Japan - O-Nest Shibuya
09/27 Tokyo, Japan - UNIT
10/17 Tokyo, Japan - Super Deluxe