Defektors Explore The Bottom of the City on Debut Full-Length

Defektors Explore <i>The Bottom of the City</i> on Debut Full-Length
On the heels of two excellent seven-inch singles, Vancouver-based post-garage punk trio Defektors have finally announced the details for their debut long-player. The album comes five years into the band's existence, and should continue to showcase their penchant for dreary but addictive songwriting and rhythmic, eerie post-punk.

Called The Bottom of the City, the album features nine tracks and clocks in at just under 30 minutes. Fans of the first two seven-inches will note by the tracklisting that the album does contain previously released material, but all of the songs have been re-recorded and given new life.

With its ominous cover art (which you can see here) courtesy of Nü Sensae's Andrea Lukic, The Bottom of the City will be co-released by Nominal Records and Grotesque Modern at the beginning of March. Defektors will then spend April touring the West coast with label-mates Vapid, though the shows are still being booked.

 In the meantime, "Never Really Tried" can be streamed at the band's MySpace page.

The Bottom of the City:

1. "Shadow of Fear"
2. "Doomsday Girl"
3. "Black Hole"
4. "Torn To Pieces"
5. "Bottom of the City"
6. "Never Really Tried"
7. "Don't Like Anything"
8. "Kick First One"
9. "Burning Light"

"Never Really Tried", The Defektors - Live at the Suicide Club from The Suicide Club on Vimeo.