Dead Obies "Jelly" on Exclaim! TV

Dead Obies 'Jelly' on Exclaim! TV
Montréal's Dead Obies embody a unique musical style that incorporates "Franglais" lyrics with hip-hop, soul and electro influences. After releasing their debut Montréal $ud LP in 2013, the six-member, self-proclaimed "post-rap" outfit are set to record their entire sophomore album live during three concerts in Montréal this October, expected for release in the beginning of 2016.

When they visited Toronto for NXNE, we hopped on a boat ride around Lake Ontario with the group for the M for Montréal Bruise Cruise, where they performed "Jelly" in this instalment of Exclaim! TV.

From the start, the collective's explosive energy is almost overwhelming. As each member demonstrates their infectiously upbeat attitude, it becomes hard to refrain from bopping to the beat. Watch the engaging performance below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Peter Howie
Audio recorded by Tim McCready
Audio mixed by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at the M for Montréal Bruise Cruise in Toronto, Canada

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