The Committed Beer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20

The Committed Beer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20
Photo: Cody Punter
If you can imagine a group like the Blues Brothers, but filled with government bureaucrats, the Committed would be it. Most notably, the Northwest Territories Minister of Health and Social Services puts down his portfolio and dons cool shades and rocks out with the group on bass guitar.

The seven members perform '60s doo-wop swing music and they do it well. Lead singer Tim Harden looks unassuming, but when he opens his mouth, he reveals a surprising amount of soul in his voice.

And it's imperative to give the Committed credit for being, uh, committed to putting on black suits and jackets underneath the hot sun.

The band covered a number of classic tunes, from the Linda Lyndell version of "Whatta Man" to "Shout," which had everybody in the garden jumping and dancing.

They made the crowd happy, even if what they put out is a little generic. And it is a shame a slot at Folk on the Rocks went to a cover band when other local musicians with original talent were passed over. But there definitely wasn't anybody in the crowd telling them not to quit their day jobs, either.