Colleen Returns with 'The Weighing of the Heart'

Colleen Returns with 'The Weighing of the Heart'
Nearly 10 years ago, Parisian electronic innovator Cécile Scott debuted her Colleen project with Everyone Alive Wants Answers. Then, four years later, she returned with her latest album Les Ondes Silencieuses, dropping a few more records along the way. Now following a bit of downtime, she's back with another this year.

The new album is called The Weighing of the Heart and sees Scott sending her vocals to the forefront in a more prominent role. Though she's still using cello for much of the album, the whole thing revolves around her voice.

In a press release, she explained her process, saying, "How can I incorporate the voice without losing the characteristics of my instrumental music? I didn't want to go into singer-songwriter territory, so I had to navigate in a kind of in-between zone."

The resulting album offers up 11 new compositions from the artist, and will see release on CD, vinyl and as a digital download via Second Language. Check out the tracklisting below and the album art above.

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The Weighing of the Heart:

1. Push the Boat onto the Sand
2. Ursa Major Find
3. Geometría Del Universo
4. Humming Fields
5. Break Away
6. Going Forth By Day
7. The Moon Like A Bell
8. Raven
9. Moonlit Sky
10. Breaking Up the Earth
11. The Weighing of the Heart