Colleen Everyone Alive Wants Answers

What does Mother Nature sound like? Everyone Alive Wants Answers, the debut from 26-year-old Parisienne Cécile Scott, aka Colleen, answers this question via 13 stunning pieces of organic beauty in the vein of Leaf label-mate Susumu Yokota. Unlike Yokota, however, Colleen eschews beats in favour of atmospheric soundscapes coloured only with the slightest hints of guitar, strings, glockenspiel, and the occasional birdcall or child’s voice in the distance. From the brooding Far East strains of the title track to the gently hypnotic "I Was Deep in a Dream and I Didn’t Know It,” Colleen’s music exists in a place beyond time, where the line between innocent bliss and childhood anxiety is blurry at best. Beneath the smiling, mesmerising ebb and flow of "Carry-Cot” and "Nice and Simple” lurk dark secrets quietly waiting to explode. Electronic yet impossibly organic, this is living, breathing, dreaming music for a modern age. (Leaf)