Ben Frost "Nolan" (Regis Self Medicating Edit) (video)

Ben Frost 'Nolan' (Regis Self Medicating Edit) (video)
As previously reported, experimental composer Ben Frost is about to issue an EP's worth of A U R O R A revamps as V A R I A N T. Before the tweaked-up mini-release arrives in full, you can sample the sounds of Regis' "self medicating" remix of "Nolan" in a delirium-inducing new video.

The remix's discombobulating bounce of minimalist ticks, cavernous snares and a voluminous supply of white noise is in itself a senses-shattering experience. Now, add the pixel-heavy presentation of distorted visuals, which may or may not be showcasing a waterfall of blood and a neon-lit, warp-speed journey into the centre of your mind.

The visceral video is down below, while the V A R I A N T EP spirals into North American digital retailers December 9 via Mute, and on vinyl January 13.