Baroness Guitarist Peter Adams Leaves Band

Baroness Guitarist Peter Adams Leaves Band
Baroness delivered their Purple LP back in 2015, and for whatever colour they'll name an album after next, the band have announced they'll be doing so without guitarist Pete Adams.

Frontman John Baizley revealed the news of Adams's departure in a lengthy statement. Though the two had known each other since childhood, Adams first appeared on the band's 2009 Blue Record and had leant his guitar work and vocals to every release since.

"First, we offer unconditional support and respect for Pete's decision and we're excited to see where his path leads," Baizley wrote. "Second, Baroness will forge ahead with an undiminished passion and as much creativity as ever. The narrative of this band has often felt as though it falls into distinct chapters, and while we're excited to move into the next, we are equally sad to see Pete go."

He continued: "When Pete and I were kids, as he's often said in interviews, we shared a dream of growing up and playing music together and seeing the far corners of the globe. And we did. Thank you Pete, for being a friend when I needed support, a brother when I needed family, and a bandmate when you and I had a hunger to see the world."

In another statement, Adams had this to say:

I would like to say thanks to all of the Baroness fans far and wide and all of the support through the ups and downs along the way. I feel beyond fortunate to have had the chance to travel great distances with Baroness and to meet so many of you. I honestly never thought I would be able to do what I have done with Baroness. Playing alongside my oldest friends, playing music that isn't simply readily accepted by the masses, and sharing the stage with some of the best musicians and bands from around the globe. That said, it's time for me to focus my energy closer to home and not on the road. However, this isn't the end of my musical career by any means as I plan to continue working with Valkyrie. Again, thank you to all along the way, and most importantly thank you greatly to the current, past and future members of Baroness.

Baizley also revealed Adams's replacement to be Gina Gleason. "Gina's ability both to learn our music and to find her own voice within our songs has been inspiring to observe," Baizley wrote. "It helps once again to renew our belief in this band's music, which we've come to rely on as a true wellspring of creativity and musical discovery."

Read Baizley's full statement below.