Baroness Confirm 'Gold & Grey' Album, Share Cover Art

Baroness Confirm 'Gold & Grey' Album, Share Cover Art
Having performed new music on their current tour with Deafheaven, Baroness have now shared the title and cover artwork of their forthcoming fifth studio album.

On social media, guitarist/vocalist John Baizley confirmed that the band's next effort will be titled Gold & Grey, and he shared the complete, original painting that will adorn the album's cover. You can find the elaborate artwork above.

In an accompanying caption, Baizley called the painting "the first piece of a much larger puzzle," adding that "it is the result of an intense, tireless, and psychotically convoluted creative process."

"This painting was born from a deeply personal reflection on the past 12 years of this band's history, and will stand as the 6th and final piece in our chromatically-themed records," Baizley wrote. "It has been an absolutely wild ride, a truth much stranger than fiction, with nearly as many low points as there have been highs, but throughout all, this band has offered me an inspired place to express myself and find some level of comfort through our visual and sonic output."

Baizley also thanks listeners for their support throughout the years, simultaneously teasing a number of "hidden elements" in the painting that keen-eyed fans could potentially pick out themselves.

"Gold & Grey will be out soon, and then the real fun begins. I assure you, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon," he wrote.

Baroness have yet to set a release date for Gold & Grey. Earlier this month, the band debuted a new song titled "Borderlines" on tour, which you can find fan-shot video of below.

The band last delivered their Purple LP in 2015.