Baroness "Shock Me" (lyric video)

Baroness 'Shock Me' (lyric video)
Georgia metal band Baroness are preparing to release Purple, their first album since their 2012 tour bus accident and subsequent lineup change. Now, they've rolled out a new track from the collection with "Shock Me."

The song begins slow, with a half-minute into of soft keyboard chords. After that, the arrangement explodes into a triumphant rocker with searing distortion, thundering drums and a shout-along mega-chorus of "Shock me / I needed a surprise." Throw in a wailing solo and it all amounts to a tuneful, dramatic scorcher. Meanwhile, the visuals consist of purple abstractions and gothic-looking illustrations, while the lyrics pop up one word at a time.

Check out the clip below.

Purple will be out on December 18 through Abraxan Hymns. "Shock Me" follows the previously unveiled "Chlorine & Wine."