Animal Collective's Deakin to Finally Deliver His Long-delayed Solo Album

Animal Collective's Deakin to Finally Deliver His Long-delayed Solo Album
In addition to Animal Collective's forthcoming FloriDada LP, it looks as if on-again/off-again member Deakin will finally be releasing his long-delayed solo album in 2016. The experimental musician confirmed the record is done and on its way soon.

As previously reported, Deakin began working on the record years ago, having funded a trip to Timbuktu, Mali, in 2009 via a successful Kickstarter campaign that was to yield an album's worth of material based on the experience. He had raised close to $26,000 USD at the time. In 2012, he apologized to backers for the delay in delivering various incentive gifts, as well as the album.

Now, a new message to backers obtained by the Animal Collective Reddit forum [via Pitchfork] has the musician explaining that the as-yet-untitled effort has been completed, with Deakin having put "the finishing touches on the record" on New Year's Day.

Though art for a book and "an additional visual treat" are still being finalized, Deakin is hoping to send the package off to manufacturers ASAP. Neither an album title nor tracklistiting has been unveiled as of press time.

You'll find Deakin's statement in full down below.

On January 1st, 2010 I played my first solo show ever. 6 years ago today I arrived in Timbuktu with Brad Truax to play my second solo show ever. I promised all of you that I would have something to show for it. I know it's been a really long time, but on January 1st of this year I put the finishing touches on the record I promised you so many years ago. It's finished. It's been an incredibly challenging and meaningful process for me and I am really proud of the result. I can't wait to get it to everyone. I am putting finishing touches on artwork for the book and for the music and for an additional visual treat for everyone. I will be sending everything off to get manufactured as soon as I can. With turnaround times being what they are we aren't expecting to be able to send packages to you until the end of the month or even early February but believe me that at this point I am pushing to get this all finished as soon as possible.

I will write to you all in more depth when I send the packages, but for now, I am really happy to be writing today to get updated and confirmed mailing addresses. Please login in to your Kickstarter account and make sure all of your details are correct. And feel free to write if you have any questions or concerns about shipping. To help me make sure that no one slips through the cracks, I am having Rich from my management company handle this communication and put the mailing list together. So know that if you write back you will be talking to him. But if you have something personal to say to me, Rich will pass it along.

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