Alberta Planning Beatles Balcony Singalongs

Radio host Terry David Mulligan is asking the province to #SingForSpring in solidarity with healthcare workers
Alberta Planning Beatles Balcony Singalongs
With so many people in isolation, music lovers around the world have taken to performing songs on their balconies — from an Italian guitarist ripping through Slayer to Martha Wainwright leading a Leonard Cohen singalong in Montreal. Now, Alberta is planning something similar in the form of a Beatles singalong this Saturday (April 4).

The plan is spearheaded by CKUA radio host Terry David Mulligan (an actor and former MuchMusic VJ). On this week's Mulligan Stew radio show, he's going to play "All You Need Is Love" at 5 p.m. MT. Next week (April 11) it will be "Hello Goodbye"; the week after that (April 18), "Hey Jude."

He's asking listeners to sing along out of their windows. Any participants are encouraged to record it and share on social media with the hashtag #SingForSpring. The campaign is being done in solidarity with healthcare workers.

"I just had this moment about 3 o'clock in the morning and thought, wait a minute, CKUA is talking to the entire province of Alberta. What are we doing? Let's get 'em to sing! Let's just get through April," Mulligan told the Edmonton Journal. "It's a pipe dream. And if you don't dream, nothing ever happens."

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of numerous festivals, tours, albums and films. Follow along with the latest updates here.