Seth Rogen Reveals He Helped Write 'Bad Boys II'

He and his writing partner Evan Goldberg were hired to punch up the script
Seth Rogen Reveals He Helped Write 'Bad Boys II'
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will soon reprise some of their most beloved roles when Bad Boys for Life hits theatres on Friday (January 17). Before we look forward, however, it's important to look to the past — specifically, back to a fun little tidbit from Bad Boys II. It just so turns out that the movie had some direct involvement from Seth Rogen.

Rogen revealed on Twitter that he took a pass at rewriting the script when the film was being made:

Then Paul Scheer stepped in to ask, essentially, how did this get made? To which Rogen revealed a few more specifics about his involvement with the project:
Rogen likely wasn't involved in Bad Boys for Life in any capacity, but you can still watch the trailer for that flick below.