Mark Hamill Calls Bullshit on "Original" Lightsaber Auction

Mark Hamill Calls Bullshit on 'Original' Lightsaber Auction
Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is questioning the sale of an "original" Luke Skywalker lightsaber, advising that buyers should most definitely beware.

Profiles in History's Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction will be held in Los Angeles later this month, and one of the items up for grabs is billed as "The original Mark Hamill 'Luke Skywalker' lightsaber." According to the action house, it's estimated to sell for upwards of $200,000 USD.

However, Hamill has weighed in on Twitter, explaining that the item might not as rare as you think.

"Be Advised," the actor wrote, "There was no ONE lightsaber I used in the films, but many, MANY, both for myself & my stunt-double." However, the Academy Award-winning production designer for the original Star Wars film, Roger Christian, told the BBC the lightsaber is an original.

"There are five originals I handmade myself, and this is one of them," Christian said. "It is real — I've got the Oscar to prove it."

The lightsaber is hardly the only piece of Star Wars memorabilia up for auction, with the auction house also even listing C-3PO's hands. You can browse the various items over here.

The auction is scheduled to take place from December 11 to 13 at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.