Explore Toronto as a Raccoon in 'Trash Panda' Video Game

Get ready for YYZ's answer to 'Untitled Goose Game'
Explore Toronto as a Raccoon in 'Trash Panda' Video Game
Get ready for Toronto's answer to Untitled Goose Game. A Scarborough man is making a new video game in which players get to be a raccoon and wander around Toronto neighbourhoods rooting through garbage.

The game is called Trash Panda and it's being created by Jason Leaver, the filmmaker behind the webseries Out with Dad. The website for the game describes it like this: "It's every raccoon's favourite night, it'sĀ garbage night. This is a simple raccoon simulator, in which you try to make the worst mess possible."

"You are going to walk around a neighbourhood that I'm modelling after typical Toronto neighbourhoods," Leaver told CTV. "It's garbage night, the raccoon's favourite night of the week, and you are going to try and knock over as many garbage cans as you can. Sometimes you'll find food in there, so you'll get a chance to eat something."

This is Leaver's first video game, and it's still in the beta testing stage without a release date. He described it as a "hobby project" and said that the game will likely be free, or possibly 99 cents. He's planning on adding garbage trucks and a second raccoon to act as the main character's nemesis. He said, "I want it to be disgustingly Canadian."

Check back to the Trash Panda website for further updates.

Toronto is famous for its raccoons. The urban critters were featured in an episode of Planet Earth II in 2017.