Tony Molina Returns with Eight Song 7-Inch

Tony Molina Returns with Eight Song 7-Inch
It's been two long years since Tony Molina delivered his fantastic 12-minute album Dissed and Dismissed, and while we still spin it on the regular we're ready for some new tunes from the hardcore kid turned pop god. Fortunately, he's finally prepared another platter.

The artist's next release is made up of eight new songs, though in typical Molina fashion they're incredibly short. After all, they all fit on a single 7-inch record.

The release is called Confront the Truth, and Slumberland promises that the songs "notch a significant advancement in his style and approach." Apparently, the anthemic guitar crunch of Molina's past releases have been replaced with acoustic guitars and Mellotrons.

Before we Confront the Truth together next month, you can stream the EP's "See Me Fall" in full below [via Stereogum].

Confront the Truth:

1. Lisa's Song
2. I Don't Want To Know
3. Old Enough To Know
4. No One Told He
5. Hung Up On The Dream
6. See Me Fall
7. Over Now
8. Banshee