Rob Halford Launches Metal God Records

Rob Halford Launches Metal God Records
Rob Halford has made a pretty cool move. Well, it could be cool or a real let-down, depending on who he works with.

The Judas Priest vocalist has announced that he's about to give other metal bands a leg up in the world - no pun intended- via a new endeavour, Metal God Records.

Purportedly planning to "provide global physical and digital distribution services for the world's rock and metal performers," the company is operating under ADA Global/Warner Music Group for the globally, excluding Japan. There it is under licence with Sony Music Japan. In Canada, Metal God Records will be aligned with Conveyor/Universal Music Group. Stateside, Fontana/Universal Music Group will handle the fledgling label's affairs. So, really, everyone has a different piece of Halford's booty. (Man, there's a million of 'em!)

The label's first release will be be Halford's Crucible World Tour - Live in Anaheim on DVD and Blu-Ray this fall. No other artists, videos or albums have been announced at present.

"It's been a long desire of mine to be a co-owner and participate in the operation of a label focused on supporting the rock and metal communities," the bald eagle proclaims. "The infrastructure we have been assembling at Metal God Entertainment now allows myself and other artists to benefit from Metal God Records' global physical and digital distribution networks, promotion and marketing services, apparel products and a broad range of Artist & Repertoire services." Rob Halford "holding court," heh heh: