Phonte Announces 'Charity Starts at Home'

Phonte Announces 'Charity Starts at Home'
Although Phonte Coleman is now known more for his work with Grammy-nominated R&B/electronic/hip-hop duo the Foreign Exchange, the rapper/singer is returning to his roots with a long-awaited album this fall. Titled Charity Starts at Home, Phonte has announced that the solo debut is scheduled to drop this September 27 via +FE Music and features fellow Little Brother alum DJ/producer 9th Wonder on production.

Coincidentally, 9th Wonder is also prepping to drop his own project The Wonder Years on the very same day. "I told him that I want him to set it off, and then any other producers we run with, they have to fit within that framework," Phonte recently told the Urban Daily.

While tracks from the album have yet to be leaked, one can expect Phonte to stay on the "R&B-flavoured hip-hop" tip that's been working for him over the past few years.

Check the album artwork above and tracklisting below.

Charity Starts at Home:

1. "Dance in the Reign"

2. "The Good Fight"

3. "Everything Is Falling Down"

4. "Not Here Anymore"

5. "Eternally"

6. "Sendin My Love"

7. "Ball and Chain"

8. "To Be Yours"

9. "Gonna Be A Beautiful Night"

10. "We Go Off"

11. "The Life of Kings"

12. "Who Loves You More"