Panda Bear Sheds Light on New Album

The five-song effort is reportedly already finished
Panda Bear Sheds Light on New Album
Panda Bear (a.k.a Noah Lennox) released his last full length, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, back at the top of 2015 along with a few follow-up EPs. Now, the Animal Collective member is already plotting for his next solo studio release.

As the Missoulian reports, Lennox sketched out songs for the upcoming effort while touring with Animal Collective in support of Painting With. Lennox revealed that he wrapped work on the project "about four hours" before the interview, adding that its five songs in length.

Lennox also described the forthcoming production as sparse, using vocals, drum machines and bass.

"They feel really kind of simple to me. Really basic in a way, almost like there's sections of the songs missing. But that's something I like about dub music, for example," he said.

"Often, a dub song sounds like as though it has been modified but there's also been pieces of it taken away, so it kind of reveals this different beast. That 'skeletal' nature unifies these new songs."

Animal Collective followed up Painting With with EPs The Painters and Meeting of the Waters. Panda Bear's bandmate Avey Tare also recently announced his next solo LP Eucalyptus