Panda Bear "Come to Your Senses" (video)

Panda Bear 'Come to Your Senses' (video)
Ever wonder what it would be like to stand in the same spot on a busy street for a whole day? Well, Panda Bear's giving you the chance to experience just that in the new video for his Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper track, "Come to Your Senses."

While the camerawork is decidedly static, Sam Fleischner's video captures the ever-changing flow of people streaming through Lisbon's Rua da Rosa over the course of a regular day. You'll see pedestrians manoeuvring themselves from one side of the street to the other, motorcycle riders trying to sneak out of the alleys, and even Panda Bear walking back and forth as it shifts from dawn to dusk. Key lines from the song also stream across the scene from time to time.

Panda Bear premiered the video via Gorilla vs. Bear and said of the clip:

Rua da Rosa is the narrow but main street cut through the Bairro Alto neighbourhood here in Lisbon. Visitors mainly stock the area during the day but its perhaps the principle target for partying Lisbon teenagers Thursday through Sunday nights. The constant shifts make it a particularly fascinating neighbourhood to me. Its noisy except for Sunday mornings. Id had an idea for a while to shoot the street for a bit to catch the traffic. When my friend Sam was here shooting a short thing we made for the recent album he was game to give the idea a go..

You can explore a small part of his adopted city by streaming the video down below.