Not Of Hypocritic Oath

Not Of Hypocritic Oath
Toronto's noise rock duo Not Of return with their latest offering Hypocritic Oath. While honouring the noise rock tradition of bands like Shallow North Dakota and Kittens, Not Of balance these sounds with their melodic sensibilities and an unorthodox approach to songwriting that make this record truly stand out.
For a two-piece band, Not Of have utilized their capabilities in a way that makes their sound colossal, creating many soundscapes within tracks like "The Goat" and "You Believers" to really give the album a fullness that few noise rock records have.
For a heavy record, Not Of really knows how to incorporate hooks into their music. From tracks like "Watch Him, They Said" and "Astoria Jack," Not Of attain the listener's intrigue through a plethora of techniques. Not Of's ability to create catchy hooks is rare in heavy music, and really makes this record stand out.
Not Of's Hypocritic Oath is the perfect noise rock record for you to sink your teeth into the genre without getting bogged down by the elements of distortion and inaccessibility. If you're looking for a record that truly incorporates a full sonic palate in under an hour, this is record is a must. (No List)