Night Moves Can You Really Find Me

Night Moves Can You Really Find Me
Cruising down a rural highway at nightfall with the windows down and music blasting: a staple for summertime bliss. To optimize the feeling of complete and total freedom, the perfect soundtrack is required. Night Moves' Can You Really Find Me achieves just that.
The album opener "Mexico" is a nearly perfect song. Its modern pop infusion on a dimly lit, dive bar vibe lifts the curtain on what to expect with the rest of the album. The moody and introspective lyrics dig deep to put into words the beauty of self growth. In a way, it's the perfect representation of how far Night Moves have come in their musical career.
Can You Really Find Me is smooth and velvety, rich like dark chocolate with the soul to match. Night Moves have truly come into their own with this record. The diversity shows an unparalleled confidence in their sound, while still having the gumption to switch it up.
Each song on this album is a treat to listen to, but "Strands Align" and "Angelina" truly stand out as pure late-night jam fuel. Can You Really Find Me is the perfect album to lose track of time to, and will have you feeling brand new when you come out on the other side. (Domino)