Lioness "Temptation" (video)

Lioness 'Temptation' (video)
Halloween is just around the corner, and Toronto trio Lioness are getting into the spirit of the season by releasing a horror-themed music video for "Temptation," a thumping cut from last year's The Golden Killer.

This Kevin Hegge-directed clip shows frontwoman Vanessa Fischer enacting some gruesome murders including a bathtub drowning and a plastic bag suffocation. It was inspired by a conversation between the directer and the singer

Hegge said in a statement, "It's a exercise in discovering the strange spot shared by pain and pleasure as a metaphor for love."

Fischer added, "The character I play is kind of a deviant, a black widow spider type who lures men into her web and trusses them up. None of them try to flee as she has cast a spell on them... or they're masochists."

Another horror-themed video, this time for "The Night" (also from The Golden Killer), will emerge on October 24.