Kandle Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC August 4

Kandle Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC August 4
Barely a year since posting the songs that would eventually constitute her self-titled debut EP, Kandle Osborne, and the band of Canuck talents she now works with, strode onto Osheaga's sun-soaked Tree Stage in the heat of the afternoon. In the two months since the record's Canadian release, the Montreal-via-Victoria chanteuse has been busy crafting a video and laying the groundwork for her first full-length.

After opening with the smoldering rebuke of "Not Listening," the band moved through a series of numbers that gingerly walked the line between eerie and upbeat, stopping between songs to adjust to the sunlight (and, inexplicably, spotlights) beating down on the stage. "My guitar is on fire," called out a seemingly unfazed Osborne. "And not in a rock'n'roll way."

Before leaping into new track "She Don't Want Me," Osborne gave a nod to her sister and former bandmate, saying that she'd suggested they include the song in the day's set. It turned out to be a strong addition to the set list, as the crowd surrounding the stage continued to swell throughout the rock-tinged tune that allowed Osborne to demonstrate her increasingly resonant vocals.

The singer and guitarist held her own in a band featuring plenty of established figures, including Broken Social Scene guitarist Sam Goldberg, who spent part of the set sporting a white rag-turned-headdress as protection from the sun.

The group closed out their half hour slot with the haunting reverberations of "Demon," a lyrically cautionary cut that quickly built up to a foot-stomping climax, ending the performance on a high note that may have come too soon for some in the audience, but probably just in time for the sun-beaten band.